We operate on the Polish stone market continuously since 2002.

The primary subject of our business is selling materials from the natural stones, imported by us from different corners of the world.

The most important direction of our import is Turkey, the country extremely rich in natural resources and, in particular, construction stones, i.e. travertine, marbles or onyxes. Most of the products in our range come from Turkey, such as: finished plates, mosaics, various types of decorative strips, wash basins and slabs intended for further processing.

We try to keep continuity of supply of as many products from our offer list as possible.

Our products, due to wide range of colours, diversity and wide range of types of surface finishing, are recognised by the customers from Poland, including the customers of the country's largest network of construction markets. As the partners of the latests ones, every day we confirm our integrity and professionalism, which is a prerequisite for this type of business relationships.

We are able to satisfy the needs of both wholesale and individual customers.

We invite you to take advantage of our years of experience, and our products, as we believe, will satisfy the most fastidious tastes.