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The natural stone is a specific material used in construction, and therefore it requires a slightly different approach of assembly, transport and treatment in comparison to ceramic materials.


How to purchase:

When purchasing, predict the amount of the required material with waste occurring during assembly, the material purchased from the next batch can differ slightly in terms of shade, colour and veins.


How to store and transport:

Move and store the stone plates in an upright position. Avoid hitting the edges of the plates with each other to prevent from crumbling. The plates damaged in this way can still be used for cladding elements requiring cutting.


How to keep the stone in good condition - current activities:

  • Vacuuming with clean mop made of hair. Regular cleaning of the surface with soft brushes or mops.
  • Proper maintenance and cleaning of a mop. When applying dirty, stained mops, the surfaces can be stained. We recommend to dry the mops after using mops and regularly replace stained and worn mops with the new ones.
  • Refresh with a damp mop. Regular wiping with a damp mop with clean and soft water. Substances providing refreshing odour can be added to the water. Avoid applying of additives and chemicals, which can weaken the final surface finishing.
  • Repair cavities and cracks with the filler or the adhesive for the stone. When applying, cavities and cracks can occur as a result of incorrect application, objects falling onto the surface, moved furniture and equipment, etc. Such traces must be filled in order to prevent from accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Immediate wiping of spilled materials in order to avoid penetration of the left stains into the stone. In the case of spilling of the substance leaving stains, such as coffee or tea, fruit juice, ketchup, mustard, wine, ink, oil and other fats, etc., it is necessary to clean the surface dry and wet. Immediate clearing of these pollutants will reduce the unpleasant effects of such substances.
  • Stain removal with the absorbing powder. Referring to point of 5, stains can occur during such activities depending on the time of exposure of the surface to these substances. Remove stains using talc, which is sprinkled on the stain surface, covered with paper and heated. When the substance has absorbed talc, the surface is vacuumed and wiped with a mop.


If you have questions or concerns regarding the natural stone, you can take advice from our experts.